What our Patients Says

I met Ms. Chandralekha speech therapist, at last December. My son is diagnosed with
intellectual disability. I am giving speech therapy for my son from 2 1/2 years with several
therapists. I never met such good therapist ever before. She is wonderful therapist and she is
having a good patience. She is taking every classes with interest and she is monitoring how
we are doing at home also. Ms Chandralekha gave me good counselling for my son's progress
and future development. She gave me an open talk about his development and future. My son
is getting better progress. I hope he will speak soon. Thank you Chandralekha madam. I am
very thankful to Ms. Lakshmi madam psychologist, who referred you. Thank you once again

Mr S. Sundararajan & Ms S. Kamakshi

P/o Mukunth, 14y/M

Chandralekha Mam is very clear on setting goals and achieving them, she tried different
approaches in teaching him how to talk step by step. Results were great, we love her, i would
definitely recommend Chandralekha mam, she knows what she is doing and very good at it.

Ms. Sivarani

M/o Varun Karthik, 8y/M

Chandralekha is great in analyzing the requirement and do appropriate training. Very patient,
skillful and engaged in progressive results. Highly recommended.

Mr. Karthik

S/o Mala, 65y/F

My son Santowin had pronunciation issues. He was unable to speak a complete sentence till
the age of 7.He was in inferiority complex too. But his life changed and blessed after meeting
Chandralekha madam. She has corrected his errors while speaking with her lovely way of
therapy. Now he came out of his complex. He started participating in competition with more
confidence. I and my family thanking her lot for her efforts towards my son. You are my
son's angel send by God. Thank you.

Ms. Sylvia

M/o Santowin, 9y/M

My daughter started speech therapy with Ms.Chandralekha in 2020. Srishaa has never been to
any speech therapy until we started with Ms.Chandralekha when my daughter was 11 years
old. Srishaa's speech was only a single word without any clarity that no one could understand.
She started improving step-by-step - understanding, single word response, improved the
utterance & expressive length, responding in phrases, picture comprehension, prepositions,
grammar, responding in sentences from picture comprehension, now responding in sentences
to the day-to-day activities example: in shop, airport, school, etc. A good rapport between
Srishaa & the therapist was an additional support. The therapist conducted all the sessions in
a friendly way making the student comfortable. My daughter always waits for speech
sessions rather than her school. My family, friends and relatives have found a lot of
improvement in Srishaa's speech. They are able to understand what she speaks. Thank you
Ms.Chandralekha for your guidance & support in improving my daughter's speech.

Ms. Jamuna Rani

M/o Srishaa, 13 yr/F

Ms.Chandralekha is energetic, caring and focused. She has a Creative approach based on our
child’s interests. She gives a Detailed feedback at the end of each session. She interacts well
with my kid. She gave us a planned home training programme. She had a great
communication and was very supportive in my son’s early intervention stage. She set simple
short term goals based on my kid’s standard. Very grateful for getting a therapist like her.

Ms. Vishnu Priya

M/o Parikshith Sai, 5y/M

The Speech Therapist interacted with the kid so well and they assessed the kid with so much
of patience as they kid won't sit and respond properly. It was an online session and it went for
around 40 mins. My kid never listen or react so easily. However the way she interacted made
him to respond well and with the help of the speech therapist suggestion now he is
undergoing some classes which fetch him good results. Thank you for all your help

Mr. Jerry

F/o Ivaan Joe, 3y/M

Very excellent training. The hard efforts put in by the therapist are very good. The way of
approaching the kids at times when they are not interested is really great which I as a parent
have always wondered about. No doubt the kids will definitely improve and show good
progress with such a good therapist. I will and also have already recommended in many of
my groups to be in touch with such an excellent trainer and mentor.

Ms. Saritha Devi

M/o Gokul Thampy D, 9y/M

We consulted Ms Chandralekha for my son's speech delay problem. She gave us many tips to
improve speech development. The way she spoke was very friendly and answered all our
queries very patiently

M/o Rithish, 5yrs/M

The Assesments are very accurate to the point and got right direction to move the kid to next
level. Provides Enormous adhoc Support when reached out for queries and guidance

Ms. Aavani Poongothai

M/o Ram Visakan, 6y/M

The total therapy session was excellent and result was awesome for my son. The technique
which he learnt during the session is still useful and my son applies even now. Thanks

Ms. Ramalakshmi

M/o, Taran Vaibhav, 8y/M

Chandralekha is very kind and keeps the session fun and playful. My son has improved so
much and has developed into a great talker! Thank you so much

Ms. Maheshwari

M/o Karthigeyan, 7y/M

We had a very good experience. They gave us clear idea about what we need. Very happy to
attend the session. Can see difference in kid speech

Mr. Ravishankar & Ms. Nithya

P/o Saai Harshith, 3.6y/M

We were happy they understood the kid first...made detailed assessment...and then step by
step improved his speech. Thanks a lot for their efforts.

Ms. Gayathri Vijayaprabhu

M/o Krithik V, 12y/M

We had therapy sessions with Chandralekha ma'am for speech and could see a consistent
improvement in it

Ms. Srividya

M/o Sanjana 10y/F

Very patient and care and guides us also about the real concept about speech
development...glad to find such a wonderful therapist for my son

Ms. Pushpa Venitta Y

M/o Aaric Jeremias A, 9y/M

Chandralekha is a well-qualified and experienced therapist. Her approach is child friendly
and has helped to a great extent for my child's speech.

M/o Sathvika, 7y/F